Grey Buff Clay


B U F F ,   A S   I N   S T R O N G

Here at OTS, we use a grey buff clay that has become one of our favourite clay bodies to work with. Other that the fact that it is one of the first clays that we’ve used when we first picked up pottery, it’s unique properties make it a first choice for many of the things that we make!

This clay body appears to have a high level of absorbency, which means it’s actually an easy clay to throw with. The amount of tolerance it has with water allows for a slightly longer working time on the wheel, which translates to extra time for perfectly that last curve or angle!

Its true beauty uncovers when it begins firming up to leatherhard. The once dark brown lump of clay now transforms to a sculpture of dark chocolate. When trimmed at the perfect consistency, the ribbons of clay that peel off the surface of the vessel resemble the choco flakes around a Blackforest cake. Yum!

After turning, it dries further until it becomes a pale concrete grey when all the moisture has evaporated. It then goes through the first firing to 950 degrees Centigrade, only to emerge as a pale pastel orange!

Available here.


Fast forward through the glazing, and after the second (and final) firing to 1200 degrees Centigrade, the clay body now becomes a mellow earthy brown with subtle speckles. It reminds us so fondly of the coffee and white chocolate chip cookies we used to love as children. More yum!

Available here.

Available here.

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