Marshall: Third Member of OTS

M E E T  M A R S H A L L 

He’s the official third member of our three-person team here at Omelet Trees Studio. First commissioned for work in 2007, Marshall is now a 10-year-old fella, also known as a PotteryCrafts Aurora Top-Loading 40-litre powerhouse.

We got him second-hand when a retired potter decided to sell him away. After a lot of back-breaking heaving and lifting, we finally managed to transport him back into our tiny studio. What followed was a series of stressful events that revealed that Marshall was heavily (and poorly) modified, causing each test firing to end dangerously with a trip on the circuit breaker. We knew it was the last straw when his controller whipped out a loud spark during one of the last test firings.

So fast-forward to more back-breaking heaving and lifting, Marshall eventually got a whole new internal system wired up, with original heating elements and thermocouple inside.

These days, when Marshall’s not working hard with back-to-back firings, he’s doing the unenviable task of carrying wheel-thrown clay vessels or freshly-glazed bisque ware.

He’s still rough around the edges, but that’s exactly how we like him. With over ten years of experience under his lid, we reckon he’s seen more pottery in his day than we’ve ever had up to this day.

Here’s a shot of him with our first ever successful load of wares. Felt just like Christmas!

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